Bethesda Comprehensive Cancer Center

Bethesda Comprehensive Cancer Center

Oncology Navigator Services


The Bethesda Comprehensive Cancer Center and Bethesda Women’s Health Center offer the services of Oncology Navigators to help guide patients—because every journey is different. 

The main responsibilities of a cancer navigator are to:

  • Provide emotional support and guidance
  • Provide education about cancer and treatments
  • Connect patients with community resources, including financial assistance, health insurance and
    support services
  • Provide support for family members

There are many variables affecting a cancer diagnosis: health insurance, financial concerns, family and work-related responsibilities, the stage and type of cancer, other health concerns or conditions, treatment and the side effects of that treatment. Some patients may be most concerned about how to cover the cost of treatments. For others, transportation may be a challenge, as well as managing side effects.  

Patients are referred to the oncology navigators in a variety of ways. The level of help depends on the need. In essence, the navigator acts as an advocate, or as a liaison between the patient and the resources for treatment. They may help coordinate appointments, or connect patients with local organizations that provide services for patients undergoing cancer treatments. They can help patients anticipate and overcome challenges in their care, and educate patients about their diagnosis and treatments.

Bethesda’s cancer navigators are helping patients and their families chart the course for their care following a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Bethesda’s navigators are here to give hope—and let their patients know they are not alone. 

The services of the oncology navigators are free of charge. 

For more information, call (561) 292-4792.